Science Talks with Mote Marine

Solis Hall
19745 Wellen Pk Blvd,
Venice, FL 34293

Coral Reef Science with Jason Robertshaw on June 26 from 6-7pm

Dive into the captivating world of coral reef research with ocean experts from Mote Marine Laboratory. In this immersive program we explore the science, wonders, and challenges of restoring these fragile ecosystems. We will uncover the latest research, innovative techniques, and successful efforts to save Florida’s iconic coral reefs. Discover the unique biodiversity, economic impact, and ecological importance of our reefs through stunning visuals, compelling storytelling, and interactive discussions. Whether you’re an ocean lover, a conservation advocate, or simply curious about the fascinating world of coral reefs, this presentation is a must-attend event.

No cost to attend. Please RSVP to reserve your seat. 

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