Wellen Park Blooms with Colorful Ways to Celebrate and Decorate for Florida’s Fall

Our Northern neighbors are getting ready to trade in their summer gardening tools to rake autumn leaves, piling—and jumping into—mountains of orange, ochre, gold, and magenta. At Wellen Park, with the humidity levels about to dip, we’re ready to fall into our own seasonal palette.

Wellen Park is surrounded with lush landscapes—that’s why we’re here, nestled on the edge of the stunning Myakka River State Park, Florida’s oldest and largest state park, featuring a field of coreopsis, an Instagram-worthy wildflower of eye-popping yellow. Fall’s the best time to take it all in.

While Wellen Park’s sumptuous homes boast elegant landscaping, homeowners in the award-winning community’s nine neighborhoods may want to try their green thumbs with color-filled flora that thrive in South Florida’s autumn. Those include pansies; snowy white or electric blue lobelia; snapdragons, kale, ornamental peppers and dianthus; and trailing petunias of purple, pink, white, and yellow to color your patio or porch.

Which brings us to a few decorating tips perfect for the area’s Tropical Savannah/Humid Subtropical climate:

Pumpkins. Fall without a pumpkin is like the holidays without a poinsettia—both native plants. Paint an indigenous Seminole pumpkin a bright gold or try your hand at marbling one, even though such electrifying hues buck 2020’s trends. Today’s home décor colors lean toward classic blues, oranges, clay, red and maroon. Whatever color you decide, gourds make long-lasting ornaments, pre-Halloween or post-, inside or outside.

Wreaths. When your flowers bloom, twist them into a ring of twigs your kids find in nearby parks. Use Spanish moss—another native—to fill in the gaps. For a more-Florida feel, decorate your wreath with colorful fruits such as pomegranate and citrus—an alternative to Northerners’ autumn apple harvest.

Buckets and baskets: Florida is famous for flea markets and artisanal boutiques. You’re bound to find rustic containers, antique buckets, pots and barrels, even an old wheelbarrow. Click here for a list of markets and crafts stores, from Punta Gorda to North Port to Venice to Sarasota, all within 30 miles of Wellen Park.

Botanical gardens. If you’d prefer to leave the gardening and fall decorating to others, take advantage of a bloomin’ fall stroll. Visit Sarasota’s acclaimed Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, which bills itself as a living museum, or the Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Garden happens to open its season in October.

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