Foxtail Coffee Co. Expands Into Downtown Wellen

Local roasters Foxtail Coffee Co. is the latest retail merchant to join us with a new store at the future Downtown Wellen! For today’s tenant highlight, we’ll take a look into Foxtail’s past, present, and future (in our community!).

Coldbrew kegged fresh at Foxtail’s warehouse. via Foxtail Coffee Co., @see_moe_rin (IG)

Past: Foxtail Coffee Co.’s Origins and Mission

The journey begins years ago, when owners Alex Tchekmeian and Iain Yeakle met in the same kindergarten class, just a few hours away in South Florida. That’s right — Foxtail was opened by a local pair of lifelong friends, on a mission to bring their community together! 

Before opening their first location in Winter Park, Tchekmeian and Yeakle knew they had to discuss their philosophy as roasters and coffee shop owners. They decided they wanted to build a company that views brewing coffee as a craft, and serving coffee as a celebration.

A beautiful latte crafted by an artistic barista. via Foxtail Coffee Co.

Present: The Bean Business

All of the coffees that you’ll find at Foxtail are ethically sourced and exclusively selected from small organic farms in Ethiopia, Mexico, Columbia, and Honduras. 

Once the coffee makes it to Florida, Foxtail will roast them in-house at their Winter Park warehouse. They even keg their own cold brew and supply coffee to local restaurants!

A great place to grab a drink with a friend! via Foxtail Coffee Co., @orlando.livin (IG)

Future: Downtown Wellen Expansion

This brings us to Downtown Wellen’s future location. The space will be 1,660 square feet, with indoor, outdoor, and bar seating. 

In addition to any coffee beverage you can dream up, Foxtail will also offer small bites, sweet treats, and beer and wine. The decor and murals in the space will reflect the beauty of our neighborhoods and surrounding Gulf shore location — we can’t wait for you to see it!  

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