Organize Your West Villages Home’s Largest Storage Space – Your Garage

Let’s now pay homage to the humble—and usually rough-and-tumble—garage.

The typical size of a two-car garage in West Villages’ stunning new homes spans nearly 700 square feet. Although that space isn’t calculated as part of your floorplan, the garage still constitutes nearly a third that’s under roof. It’s also the most disorganized place in your home, according to 50% of Americans, as reported in one clutter study.

In West Villages’ nine distinctive neighborhoods, the award-winning community’s homebuilders offer generous two- and three-car garages that merit de-cluttering. We all know, of course, about pegboards and baby-food and Mason jars affixed under shelves to store nuts and bolts. We hereby offer modernized nuts and bolts to optimize prime space.

Upcycle: Upcycling is an actual thing. Here are some suggestions:

  • West Villages is surrounded by and includes golf courses, so grab an old golf bag for your children’s baseball bats and long-handled tools, such as garden implements and brooms.
  • Old wooden pallets, nicely painted or stained and attached to the wall, serve much the same purpose.
  • Repurpose creaky filing cabinets to store things such as paint cans or rags.
  • Cut an opening in the plastic top of a coffee can and coil rope or twine inside.

Rack ’em up: Install towel racks or shower-curtain rods to hang tools such as hammers or clamps and anything else with a handle. For anglers who take advantage of the numerous fishing holes adjacent to West Villages and the nearby Gulf, try this: nail up Styrofoam swimming noodles and make slits to slide in your fishing rods.

Baskets, buckets and bins: Use ’em liberally and don’t forget to label what you’ve put in them. That is, go vertical. Get stuff off the floor. Install plenty of racks, shelves and cabinets and consider drop-down shelving—that is, suspended from the ceiling; they’re handy for occasional-use things such as ski equipment.

Don’t forget the door: This one’s clever: Affix brackets to the garage door and attach mesh bags for storing smaller items. Doors are also great for long-handled items, too.

Sports orbs: Stretch bungee cords or ropes, ball-wide apart, from floor to ceiling and stack you kids’ soccer balls, footballs, kickballs and basketballs after all that play in West Villages’ parks and playgrounds.

Now that you’ve made your West Villages garage pristine, you can thoroughly enjoy Life Your Way. Share other ideas and hacks with us and learn more about how to park yourself in a new home at West Villages by visiting West Villages’ Model Home Centers, listed here. Or call the Home Buyers Information Line at 941-960-7805.

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