The Beauty of Florida’s West Coast is Boundless

The Florida peninsula is made of up four main land regions: the Coastal Plains, the Uplands, the Everglades and the Florida Keys. Wellen Park lays within the Coastal Plains region which encompasses a variety of water features, including marshes, springs, swamps, lakes, rivers and ponds. Our Wellen Park neighborhoods cover approximately 13,000 acres and as depicted on the adjacent topographic moss map includes multiple examples of these water features, most notable of which is the Myakka River that runs through the eastern most portion of our land.

The Myakka River arises near the Hardee-Manatee county line and flows southwest and then southeast through Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte counties to Charlotte Harbor, an arm of the Gulf of Mexico. The river is 72 miles (116 km) long and has a drainage basin of 314.7 square miles (815 km2). The last 20 miles (32 km) of the river is tidal and brackish.

The Myakka River remains relatively undeveloped and is ideal for canoeing and kayaking. A 12-mile (19 km) stretch of the river is preserved in Myakka River State Park. A 34-mile (55 km) portion of the river in Sarasota County was designated as a state Wild and Scenic River in 1985 by the Florida Legislature.

Of course, Southwest Florida’s most famous body of water is the Gulf of Mexico, the ninth largest body of water in the world and one of its most productive fisheries. This part of Florida’s Gulf Coast is fringed by bays and inlets, low-energy expansive shallow salt marshes, creeks, mangrove swamps and barrier islands with miles of the whitest sand beaches found anywhere.

Wellen Park is less than 20 minutes to some of the most spectacular beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, featuring peaceful waters, white sands, gorgeous sunsets, incredible fishing spots, adventurous nature trails, and off-the-beaten path destinations for natural beach lovers.

Southwest Florida’s topography offers something for everyone – and everything for you. Whether it be an unforgettable hike, a scenic bike ride, a canoe, kayak, or boat ride along a breathtaking waterway, or a simple day of relaxing with your toes in the sand, There’s More to Life at Wellen Park. Learn more about Wellen Life.

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