The Landing & Community Garden at Wellen Park

Kid leaning over a fence fishing into Grand Lake at Wellen Park Florida

The Landing on Grand Lake 

The Landing in Wellen Park is a fairly new addition to Grand Lake and is already a can’t-miss spot across the lake from Downtown Wellen’s restaurant and business attractions. A stunning structure right on the water, The Landing is great for fishing, launching and docking kayaks, or getting some shade on a hot Southwest Florida day. 

The shade structure has a built-in bench for those fishing, running, walking, or biking, so it serves a great practical purpose. The structure was also designed with aesthetics in mind with The Landing being stunning by day and by night.

One of the main uses for The Landing is, of course, fishing. Wellen Park’s Grand Lake is filled with fish from the largemouth bass to the threadfin shad and is one of a few perfect fishing spots centrally located on the lake. 

Bait and tackle can be found close by at the local Kind Vibes Outfitters for purchase. Visitors can also rent bikes at Kind Vibes to take you from one side of Grand Lake — along a 3-mile loop trail encircling the lake — to the other side where this can’t-miss fishing pier is located. 

The magic of technology also allows anglers to map out their strategy in the time-honored quest of not letting the big fish get away. A QR code at the red marker near downtown’s floating dock provides a smartphone link previewing and animating the lake’s variety of fish species.

Woman holding wooden tray of seedlings ready for planting in the garden and vegetable patch.

The Harvest Community Garden

Once open, the Harvest Community Garden in Wellen Park will offer 80 raised irrigated garden plots for residents to garden in. The community garden will also offer an event lawn, covered picnic area, composting area, restrooms, and parking. The garden will likely be open in the next few weeks, just in time for the fall and winter harvest seasons. 

Once the produce has grown, we plan to bring the fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden to our local Fresh Harvest Farmers Market every Sunday, encouraging sustainable practices throughout our community.

With the hopes of making the harvest garden an experience for educational purposes, this project has been thoroughly and thoughtfully designed. The goal is to also use it as an out-of-classroom workshop to help foster excitement in our youth and continue the tradition of this community space for generations. 

From hosting farm-to-table dinners to bringing the Wellen Park community together, this garden is a place that residents can soon love and thrive in. 


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