Unleash Your Creativity: Turn Your West Villages Home Into an Arts Studio

Home is where the heart is, and wouldn’t you know, the last three letters of the word happen to be “art,” and wouldn’t you know, West Villages and your elegant new home in the multi-award-winning community began with a creative spark.

Throughout West Villages, each and every new home sprang from the creative mind of an architect; for centuries, many have also been fine artists: think Michelangelo and da Vinci.

With so much time available to spend inside your imagination, now presents the ideal opportunity to pursue creativity inside your home; after all, West Villages’ nine visually stunning neighborhoods are tucked amid Florida’s inspiring beauty.

Visual arts. Think crayons, people! We started early with Crayola’s 120-odd colors, as well as finger-painting and paint-by-numbers. Now expand into watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils or multimedia (consider recycling “found objects” into pieces of art).  Don’t forget photography—see the world through your artistic lens; all you need is a smartphone.

Likewise, good old-fashioned “arts & crafts” includes the word “arts.” Here’s a massive Pinterest chockful of inspirations for your masterpiece—or a piece to add to the fridge.

Writing.One of the world’s most storied pursuits, writing shouldn’t be limited to typing up a dry (boring!) corporate memo. Too many of us say, “Oh, I can’t write.” Baloney! Humans are born storytellers—you “write” your own story every day in your West Villages home.

Keep a journal, start that memoir or novel. You’ll soon find that “literary” writing comes as naturally as a stroll along one of West Villages’ miles of trails; in fact, “writing” often happens away from your desk. Join a writing group or take a class; they’re everywhere.

Music. Plato put it best: “Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Dust off the guitar in the garage (see: decluttering) or become your very own hair band with Guitar Hero. Turn your iPad into a piano. Speaking of the garage, yes, drums are actually an instrument, but before you start banging away, ask permission. Sing and get the family to join in: Check out this family’s hysterical parody of a “Les Misérables” tune.

Woodworking, sculpture. These require tools and no small technical skills. If you’re handy—and safe—with a sharp object, try whittling. Just sweep up your lanai afterward.

Dance. Turn your open-concept space into a stage for an at-home episode of “Dancing with the Stars.” Cut the rug with your partner during a quiet evening after you’ve put the kids to bed (here’s a hype-romantic “first dance” Spotify playlist). Dance like nobody’s watching.

To turn Life Your Way into a work of art at West Villages, call the Home Buyers Information Line at 941-960-7805.

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