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PAINT Nail Bar has set a whole new standard for nail salons everywhere. 

Join us in welcoming PAINT Nail Bar to Wellen Park. PAINT’s services are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Catch all of the details below on their environmentally safe practices and how their services are healthier when compared to other nail salons. 

[Wellen Park]: What is the concept behind PAINT Nail Bar? What makes it different from other nail salons? 

[PAINT]: PAINT Nail Bar is a non-toxic, fume-free nail salon. We do not look, feel, or smell like a traditional nail salon. From our custom-built furniture to our odorless environment, unparalleled staff development, and engagement strategies, nails may be the trade, but relationships and client experience are the business. 

Our objective is to ensure that at the end of every service, every client feels that going anywhere other than PAINT would not be possible or tolerable because a new standard has been set.

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[Wellen Park]: What was the inspiration or design approach behind the shop?

[PAINT]: The goal was to provide a beautiful, hygienic nail salon that felt like a chic home, where guests are welcomed with affordable luxury services, exceptional sterilization standards, and impeccable customer service.

[Wellen Park]: What excites you most about bringing PAINT Nail Bar into Wellen Park?

[PAINT]: We are excited to be a part of this community and look forward to getting to know the local residents and educating them on healthy alternatives to traditional or potentially dangerous nail salons. Many people do not know that it is possible to have beautiful nails without compromising the integrity of your natural nail!

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[Wellen Park]: Is there anything else you would like to add or want people to know about you or your salon? 

[PAINT]: We have had a lot of people stop into the salon curious about what we do and what we don’t do. Our services range from manicures and pedicures with non-toxic regular or gel polish, to sculpted gel nails to Gel X. 

We do not do “dip” or “acrylic” nails as both of these services are harmful to your natural nail. We have healthy alternatives to both of those services that allow you to achieve a similar look, while keeping you safe. 

All of our services are done by hand filing, so you won’t find electric drills here. All tools used during our nail services are sterilized in a hospital-grade autoclave, which is the only process guaranteed to kill spores. Immersion disinfection (the standard practice used in salons) is not sufficient to completely eradicate all microbial life. 

During our pedicure services, you will notice that we do not use whirlpool pedicure thrones. No matter how thoroughly cleaned, dangerous bacteria thrive in the plumbing and whirlpool jets. Therefore, we have chosen ceramic pedicure basins that can be thoroughly cleaned between clients and are guaranteed not to harbor bacteria. 

We use LED lamps to cure our products and one-time use of files and buffers. We are committed to your health and the earth through our choices in product lines and practices!

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