What to Pack For A Picnic: Wellen Park Style

One of our absolute favorite things about Wellen Park is its easy waterside access. Whether it’s a day trip to local beaches, including Manasota Beach, Venice Beach, or Caspersen Beach, or a visit to the Myakka River, there’s nothing better than a Southwest Florida day outdoors by the water. 

Besides taking a dip in the Gulf or kayaking down the river, an outdoor picnic is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family and take in the gorgeous waterside views. 

We’re showing you what to pack for a picnic — the Wellen Park way — with seven food and beverage items to bring along with you. 


1. Sandwiches from Barrel & Bean 

If you haven’t checked out Barrel & Bean yet, this is the perfect chance to visit!

The adorable coffee/craft beer/craft wine/craft food stop offers sandwiches named after all of the Wellen Park Florida neighborhoods — and, it truly wouldn’t be a Wellen Park-inspired picnic if we didn’t recommend ordering one! 

Represent your neighborhood and order your community’s sandwich on a spinach wrap — it’s easy to cut into multiple rolls and share amongst your picnic pals.


2. Coal Fired Pies from Bocca Lupo

It wouldn’t be a picnic without bread and cheese — in this case, it’s in the form of a delicious coal-fired pizza from Bocca Lupo. You can’t go wrong with any pie, so pick amongst your favorite toppings. 

Pro tip: Ask them to double cut your pie so you have the perfect picnic-sized pizza bite!

3. Fried Dumplings from China One

Easy to eat and easy to transport, China One’s fried dumplings are a great addition to your picnic basket. 

The dish comes with 8 dumplings to an order, so prepare to have leftovers for a small picnic or order double for a larger group. 

4. Sushi Rolls from Fuji Sushi

The perfect shareable item, sushi is a must for any great picnic. 

Fuji Sushi Hibachi Noodles in the Marketplace has an endless list of rolls for you to choose from. Take a look at the Chef Specialty Rolls for a few fancy rolls to share, but don’t forget the classic rolls, like California Rolls, too!


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5. Chips & Dips from Irma’s Tacos

There’s just something about chips and dip that make it irresistible. Irma’s Tacos thought through every dip imaginable and made it available for you on their all-new menu. 

Order the ‘Chips & All of the Above’ off their menu, which includes chips (of course!), salsa, guacamole, bean dip, and queso.


6. Frozen Yogurt from Peachwave

If you’re on your way out of Wellen Park or hosting this picnic in your own backyard, Peachwave’s frozen yogurt is a must. 

You’ll definitely want to start your picnic immediately after picking up your favorite flavor as it will melt in the Southwest Florida heat if you wait too long! 

7. Water Bottles & Paper Goods from Publix

While we are by the water, it’s crucial to hydrate while basking in the sun. 

We highly recommend making a stop at Publix in the Marketplace to grab water bottles and any paper goods (i.e. napkins, paper plates, utensils, etc.) — anything that’s easy to recycle so you don’t have to carry it all back to clean home later!

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