Science Talks with Mote

Downtown Wellen Park
19745 Wellen Park Blvd,
Venice, FL 34293

Science of Harmful Algal Blooms
Join us for an eye-watering exploration of the science, impact, and
solutions surrounding Florida Red Tides. Led by Mote’s ocean experts,
this engaging presentation will reveal some of the mysteries of red
tides and how they affect our environment, economy, and health.
Through captivating visuals, real-life case studies, and interactive
discussions, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the causes,
effects, and management of these harmful algal blooms. Plus, learn
about cutting-edge research, innovative technologies, and practical
strategies that Mote is developing to protect our coastlines. Whether
you’re an environmental enthusiast, a concerned citizen, or a curious
learner, this presentation is a must-attend event. Don’t miss this
opportunity to expand your knowledge and make a positive impact on our
oceans and communities.

$10 registration fee. Sign Up Here.

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