Agility Physical Therapy: Coming to Downtown Wellen

When it comes to Downtown Wellen’s future tenants, there will be restaurants, businesses, and entertainment galore to entice every visitor. We hope you’re looking forward to flavorful food options such as The Banyan House and The Yard, as well as luxurious storefronts like Paint Nail Bar and Naples Soap Company. Now, we have an announcement for sports enthusiasts and just about anyone who loves to live well: Agility Physical Therapy! 

This local, family-owned practice is equipped to handle any physical therapy needs from head to toe, including sciatica pains, post-surgical rehab, balance and gait training, work-related injuries, and even pediatric care. However, considering the active nature of many Wellen Park residents, we’re particularly happy to have Agility Physical Therapy in the neighborhood for their golf rehab and sports injuries services.

Agility Physical Therapy will provide a range of services, including athletics.

‘Par-ticularly’ Great Services

Agility Physical Therapy’s golf rehab and sports injuries services are specifically tailored to get you back out there to keep playing, competing, and enjoying your active lifestyle pain-free. Not only do their physical therapists evaluate and treat injuries, but they can also perform preventative screenings on everyone from sports hobbyists to professionals. 

Golfers can benefit from Agility Physical Therapy’s tailored golf rehab services which focus on — you guessed it — common golf-related injuries! Pain in the lower back, hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, or wrists in golfers could be due to stress from your swing or swing mechanics, time spent on the course, or even a lack of proper warm-up. Agility Physical Therapy has an in-house golf professional who can assess your swing, find the cause of your pain, and help you adjust your posture to prevent further injury. That’s a hole-in-one!  

Care for the Whole Community 

Our friends at Agility Physical Therapy don’t just care for their patients — they make it a point to care for their communities too. Through its community outreach program, certified athletic trainers work with all 11 Sarasota County high schools to help assess, manage, treat, rehabilitate, and recondition the thousands of student-athletes in the area.

Downtown Wellen is 100% leased and construction is well underway! While the grand opening is set for spring of 2023, you can find out more about future tenants on The Wellen Way blog, and you can learn more about Agility Physical Therapy on their website.

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