Downtown Wellen Highlight: Paint Nail Bar

Paint Nail Bar, a top-tier spot for affordable and luxurious manicures and pedicures, is coming to Downtown Wellen! This salon concept originated in Sarasota, but has since grown to open locations in many major cities and bustling towns across America.

Paint Nail Bar’s claim to fame is a non-toxic and fume-free environment, as well as tasteful decor and welcoming customer service. To make the deal even sweeter, complimentary mimosas are given to each guest!

From the perfect French tips to abstract swirls, Paint Nail Bar’s artists can do it all! Photo via @paintnailbar

Meet Mark & Michele

The concept behind Paint Nail Bar is the brainchild of power couple Mark and Michele Schlossberg, who thought up the idea back in 2008, and opened their flagship Sarasota location in 2014. As previously successful business owners, they just knew their salon would take off!

When discussing their business model, the founders have been quoted to say, “creating a beautiful space with high sterilization protocols can and is being done more and more in the industry today, but it is our best practices that our clients and competitors cannot see — the training, the counter-intuitive ideology, the systems — that no other brand has been able to decode.” Paint Nail Bar has a certain wow factor that we can’t wait to bring to Wellen Park!

Treat your bestie to a mani-pedi! Photo via @paintnailbar 

Browse The “Menu”

If you’re wondering if Paint Nail Bar has services that you’d enjoy, take a peek at its menu here: 

  • Uptown Girl (Or Guy): A classic manicure or pedicure which includes cuticle care and exfoliation with a sugar scrub.
  • Lickety-Split: A quick and waterless manicure or pedicure perfect for people on the go or professionals taking their lunch break. 
  • Talk of the Town: A manicure or pedicure with all the extra bells and whistles, including a massage and paraffin wax treatment.
  • Mini-Paint: A classic manicure or pedicure intended for kids ages 12 and under.
  • Water-Based Gel: A service upgrade for a perfectly chip-free, high shine polish.
  • Sculpted Gel: This “modern equivalent to acrylic nails” adds tips to manicures for extra length.

Designs at Paint Nail Bar are always on-trend! Photo via @paintnailbar 

New Neighbors

Paint Nail Bar is just one of many new businesses we’ve added to the ever-growing lineup of shops coming soon to Downtown Wellen and the wider Wellen Park area, including Bayside Pet Resort, Kind Vibes Outfitters, and Breakwater Home Fashions. Stay tuned for an official opening date, as well as more new business announcements coming soon! 

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Header image courtesy of @PaintNailBar (IG).

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