DanaTyler Jewelry | Coming Soon to Downtown Wellen

DanaTyler Jewelry is the newest addition to Downtown Wellen’s future tenant lineup and we’ve gathered our top five reasons why we love their jewelry. Read on to learn more about the shop and why you should get excited for what they have to offer! 

1. Dress Luxuriously, Spend Modestly

Owner Dana Klien was inspired to create her brand after losing an expensive diamond bracelet. That day, she decided that luxury shouldn’t come with any potential stressors, so she began her mission of creating high-quality yet affordable jewelry!

2. Glam for Every Occasion 

DanaTyler Jewelry keeps a wide variety of gorgeous jewelry in stock, which means you’re bound to find a piece that suits your style. While you’ll find tons of modern and unique pieces, the shop also offers plenty of timeless classics available, perfect for any occasion.

A gorgeous cuff bracelet featuring our home town. via DanaTyler Jewelry

3. Local and Coastal Accents

We at Wellen Park love supporting local, which is why DanaTyler is a perfect fit in our community. Southwest Florida-based, the store’s coastal designs encourage shoppers to show pride in where they come from. In fact, they are even in the process of creating a collection exclusive to our Downtown Wellen location!  

4. Sensitive-safe Jewelry

Do you have sensitive skin? Don’t worry, DanaTyler Jewelry is always lead- and nickel-free! That means you can wear your jewelry without the possibility of irritation. 

Coastal accents make for an elegant touch to any outfit. via DanaTyler Jewelry

5. Worry-free Warranty 

Owner Dana Klein stands behind her products, which means free repairs for almost all of the jewelry sold at her store. Even if you aren’t able to return to the storefront, DanaTyler ensures satisfaction with a generous repair, exchange, and return policy. 

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