Behind The Scenes of Downtown Wellen’s All-New Murals

Progress on Downtown Wellen is moving along, and we’ve recently made a major milestone for those who love the arts — murals by artists Ivan Roque and Laura Pommier are complete! 

Great blue herons and colorful flowers loom larger than life along the walls of some of Downtown Wellen’s newest buildings, while a whimsical woman in an innertube and fish the color of Florida oranges and sunshine play in the frothy surf nearby. Read on for a closer look, as well as information on each muralists’ art.

Ivan Roque’s finished mural for the Downtown Wellen Mural Project. Photo via @ivanjroque (IG)

Ivan Roque’s Ode to Florida

Ivan Roque’s mural depicts the beauty of Florida’s unique flora and fauna, a topic near and dear to him as a native of the state. Ivan has expressed that community is a huge inspiration for his murals — not only does he enjoy interacting with onlooking audiences as he paints, but he loves how a finished mural can bring art appreciators from all walks of life together.

Love Roque’s vivid style of photorealistic art? You’ll find his work sprinkled all across the country, especially concentrated down south in Miami.

A sketch of Pommier’s mural for the Downtown Wellen Mural Project. Photo via Laura Pommier

Laura Pommier’s Display of Sunny Days

Laura Pommier’s murals are fun, bright, and invoke memories of sunny days by the water. Since Wellen Park is just a short drive away from the Gulf coast, moments enjoyed in the ocean are a pivotal part of our community’s identity. 

If you want to see more of Laura Pommier’s art you won’t have to travel far! She’s the artist behind Blooms, which can be found at the Wellen Park Welcome Center. 

We’re so elated to see how these larger-than-life works of art have come together. These masterful works have been made possible through the Downtown Wellen Mural Project, in partnership with the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County.

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